This will feed at least 30 people so cut the recipe in half if you have less J

12 Egg whites

4 cups plain white sugar

1 quart whipping cream

1 quart raspberries/blueberries/strawberries-get inventive 😉

3 teaspoons vanilla

Please see this demo my friend Graciela and I made on YouTube

Very easy recipe. Place 12 egg whites in a mixer and beat until thick and creamy. Slowly add the 4 cups of sugar streaming the sugar in the mixer at full speed. Mix for about 20 more minutes or more, until the sugar crystals have dissolved and there is no texture. Turn the oven on 400 degrees.

Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. When egg whites are ready take half the mixture and spread as evenly as possible on cookie sheet. You can also pipe the mixture for a desig-effect for the top layer of your Pavlova. Use the other half of the egg whites and do the same on the other cookie sheet. Place them in the oven for 10 seconds with door open. Turn heat down to 180, shut oven door and bake for 3 hours. Once finished cooking leave in the oven to cool completely. I kept my meringue in the oven over night and assembled my desert 3 hours before the party.

Mix one quart of whipping cream-or more like I did, if you watch our YouTube video. Add 3 teaspoons of vanilla. Spread half on one layer of meringue-take the least attractive meringue for the bottom layer as it will be covered with cream. Add berries to the whipped cream layer. Add another layer of whipped cream on top of the berries and then top with your 2nd meringue. Voila-a gorgeous pavlova! You can get creative and play around with shapes and décor for the top of the meringue… have fun and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Pavlova

    • I hope your new oven likes my Pavlova recipe. Just turn it down a lot and it should be fine you want to be kind of chewy in the inside. Put it to 400 and then turn it way down even as low as possible. I made meringues yesterday and added half a teaspoon of cream of tartar I think it helped to make it chewy and the inside I also cooked a lot less and left them in the oven with the oven off. Good luck tell me how it works 👍😀


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